Hi, we are team.

We are building a platform, where you become a game changer in startup acceleration. Support the startups with your BALT tokens to help them grow, and get rewarded with their products, perks or income.

Be the first one to obtain the unique products and other benefits from the most promising CEE and CIS startups! We invest in hardware and robotics, cybersecurity, enterprise software, fintech, AI and blockchain based projects.

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How it works:

All the startups, registered at the platform, post a proposal for token investors:

– how many tokens do they need and what for (acceleration, development, production, marketing, etc.)

– what would they offer their backers in return: products and services, tokens with multiplicator (tokenized loan), partnership and collaboration

What are the benefits:

– you invest your tokens and the startup gets professional support, and the product/service delivery is under control

– the startup becomes a part of the EU startup and investment ecosystem, that helps its team to get funding for the further development

– you can support each stage separately, and track startup progress at the platform

Accelerator and the ecosystem

Founded in 2015, Business Hive Vilnius (core part of Baltic Fund Ecosystem) is one of the oldest startup incubators and technology hubs in the Baltics, which hosts and incubates Lithuanian, CEE and CIS startups throughout the differing elemental stages of their evolution (mostly from pre-seed to A). We are focused on hardware, security, blockchain, AI, enterprise software, business/industry automation, and fintech, among others.

The modern central headquarters where we have established a welcoming and highly effective startup ecosystem is the BHV home building — opened in 2015. The headquarters are comprised of over 2,000 sq.m. specifically designed for office space, conferences and seminars, networking, plus facilities for prototyping hardware devices and product design.

BALT token

BALT token is a utility token issued by Baltic Fund. The token price for pre-sale is 0,0002 ETH, for sale — 0,00025 ETH.

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Every BALT token holder will gets additional ecosystem benefits:

– get an access to the most promising startups, mentors, industry experts, 1-to-1 consulting sessions, and industry seminars

– membership benefits: discounts on software, industry events worldwide, co-workings and community

– or become an expert, share your expertise and earn tokens at the platform

Are you a startup?

Apply to our accelerator to to become a part of our program:

– Growth throughout the EU market, mentorship, and the expertise from the market leaders

– BHV.Labs: developers, designers, marketers, PR, analysts, engineers, etc on demand

– New partnerships and customers in the EU and USA

– Funding up to 350K Euro, or support with investor relations

– Participation in different international tech events worldwide, as a part of our pipeline

– Your own co-working or office space, co-living opportunities, facilities for product prototyping and engineering (for hardware startups)

Find out more about our requirements here

How to join our BALT community:

– Register and buy tokens with 15% bonus now! Your tokens will be delivered to your Ethereum wallet after the purchase*.

The price of 1 BALT token is 0,0002 ETH, minimum purchase amount — 100 tokens. Everyone, who shares this post in social media channels get additional 2% bonus — contact to claim yours.

*According to EU AML regulations we apply the KYC procedure to every customer before the purchase. Don’t worry, it’s quick and safe: upload the pictures of 2 required documents to confirm your identity and fill in the short application form. Don’t worry, we won’t share your data with everyone, we just have to be sure that you are eligible to purchase our tokens.

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