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On June 19th and 22nd of 2023, an exciting journey took place - as EXCITE consortium and 16 SMEs and cluster organizations started their business mission to Dresden. This enthralling expedition aimed to delve into the local high-tech ecosystem of Saxony, famous Europe's microelectronics powerhouse. With over 40 participants from ten European countries exchanging knowledge and ideas, collaborations and innovations in the dynamic realm of microelectronics, IoT, and smart systems.

Exploring Saxony's Technological Prowess: 
|An astonishing concentration of companies and research institutions at the forefront of microelectronics and nanoelectronics can be found in Silicon Saxony. This vibrant region encompasses diverse sectors, ranging from nanotechnology to energy-efficient systems, demonstrating its broad expertise. Approximately 80,000 highly skilled individuals contribute to the development, manufacturing, and distribution of integrated circuits (ICs), making Saxony a pivotal hub in the European microelectronics landscape. Saxony proudly holds the distinction of producing every third microchip in Europe, with industry giants such as Infineon, GlobalFoundries, Bosch, and X-FAB spearheading technological advancements.

A Tailor-Made Exchange 
Over the course of three eventful days, the participants had the unique opportunity to engage with prominent Saxonian companies, witness cutting-edge facilities, and immerse themselves in the region's vibrant innovation ecosystem. The mission's carefully curated program included an array of activities, from captivating company pitches to enlightening presentations and inspiring site visits. The focus on smart systems, IoT, and semiconductor technology ensured that every participant gained invaluable insights and experiences.

Day 1: Getting Acquainted with the Ecosystem and Engaging with Industry Leaders 
The journey commenced with a series of pitches by Saxonian companies at the Smart Systems Hub. These presentations showcased the region's depth of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, leaving participants captivated by the breadth of ideas and solutions. The subsequent visit to the IoT lab delved into cutting-edge research and development in the realm of connected devices, unveiling state-of-the-art prototypes and inspiring possibilities for IoT technologies. The day continued with visits to renowned institutions - Fraunhofer, Bosch, and the Volkswagen Transparent Factory, where groundbreaking research and industry-leading innovations were unveiled.

Day 2: Silicon Saxony Day – International Exchange and Collaboration 
The second day witnessed the highly anticipated Silicon Saxony Day, an annual event dedicated to fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and networking. B2match sessions facilitated one-on-one meetings between participants and Saxonian companies, creating a vibrant platform for exploring potential partnerships and collaborations. Throughout the day, insightful pitches and demonstrations showcased the expertise and achievements of local companies across various sectors, highlighting Silicon Saxony's global appeal as an innovation hub.

Day 3: Exploring Pioneering Technologies and Cutting-Edge Facilities 
The final day offered visits to prominent industry players, unveiling the intricate processes behind cutting-edge microchip production. Infineon's Window Tour provided an exclusive glimpse into advanced semiconductor fabrication, emphasizing precision, reliability, and scalability. At Fabmatics, participants were captivated by the company's expertise in automated material handling and robotics, witnessing how they optimize production efficiency in cleanroom environments. The day culminated with a visit to the GlobalFoundries facility, where a fortunate subset of the group experienced the captivating world of semiconductor fabrication firsthand in the cleanroom.

The business mission to Silicon Saxony facilitated an enriching exchange of knowledge, ideas, and innovation, strengthening the ties between European SMEs and cluster organizations. The region's unparalleled ecosystem, comprised of industry leaders, cutting-edge research institutions, and a thriving network.

Huge thanks to Silicon Saxony for the organisation and hospitality!

In total, 16 organisations participated in the mission to Silicon Saxony including delegations from Austria, Bulgaria, France, Finland, Lithuania, Poland and Turkey.

About EXCITE EXCITE aims to strengthen cluster management and facilitate exchange and strategic partnership between cluster staff and cluster members by using the ClusterXchange system. ClusterXchange is a new pilot project to promote short-term exchanges to better connect industrial ecosystems in Europe. The project will focus on skills, processes and services related to digital transformation - both in terms of the cluster organisation itself and its members, to be able to support them in successfully accessing global markets.

Project Duration: 01.02.2022 – 31.01.2024

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