For investors

Investment strategy

By mid 2018 our pipeline will grow to almost 80 startups from the technological and innovation sectors; mainly hardware, security, blockchain, AI, enterprise software, fintech, among others. Most of these are at the pre-seed/seed stage, with, at least MVP and some traction (we don’t invest time and money in ideas), a clear marketing strategy, and a good potential for growth.

We are in partnership with private equity funds from the EU, UK and USA, who are actively searching for startups for A or B round investments. Once our partner invests in a startup from our pipeline, we exit. All our startups are incorporated in the EU and we assist investment funds with the due diligence process. 

Investment amount

We invest at the yearly stage (from pre-seed to seed), our typical investment amount is up to 350K Euro. However, we consider the option of co-investment at later stages. We also provide our startups with mentorship, PR and marketing support, facilities for prototyping, legal and accounting support, additional design and development resources, and much more.

Amount of BHV equity per startup:

From 5% to 10%.

Additional information

If you are interested in knowing more, please contact Sandra.